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Back in 2003, Paul and Owen decided to pull their resources and talents together to form a new business. Paul was operating a retail store at the time while Owen was involved with his successful manufacturing business. And a few months later, they officially launched a company called HB Global Products, targeting the home decor industry to establish a wholesaler/distributor niche.

Over the years of participating in the trade shows and developing new products, the company has grown fast extending the horizon to not only home decor items, but also a variety of merchandise. Around the time, Owen, who didn't have a much pressure financially, decided to leave the company to pursue something good for his life.

Paul, who had a strong background on developing a new product and also was equipped with the computer technology, soley was at the helm of the ship to steer to a bigger ocean looking for a new challenge. The first step to face the challenge was to meet individual shoppers worldly as a retailer with its large inventory of carefully selected products. The solution was opening an internet shopping mall. That's how Johnnystone.com (DBA of HB Global Products) was born.

Now our company's mission is providing the best quality merchandise in the market at the lowest price possible with a variety of merchandise in an extensive number of categories. And we are committed to offer each visitor a special shopping experience enjoying extraordinary values and quality of the products from the factory direct resources.



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